Hasn’t this first school term flown? School holidays are a time for kids to have a break from school, but can sometimes leave parents more stressed as they try to keep their kids busy with different activities, while keeping their boredom at bay.

Already many of you are probably thinking, ‘What are we going to do in the school holidays?’ Opportunities for people to get outside and experience nature are far and few between in our lives today. We live in such a busy, online driven world, and it can be hard to just ‘switch off’. With kids spending on average 6 or more hours per day on electronic devices, the need for more outdoor, offline stimulation is so important.

One perfect outdoor, offline activity for families this school holidays is horse riding.  At Spring Creek Horse Rides, we offer different trail rides on our beautiful horses, out into the Great Otway National Park where you can enjoy the peace and tranquility of the outdoors.

It has been proven that being in nature promotes well-being by ‘slowing us down’ and boosting our mood. Our trail rides ensure you can benefit from this, while enjoying the health advantages of fresh air and connecting with nature. Who doesn’t want to boost the mood of their kids? (Not to mention wearing them out so bed time is easy! )

We offer rides for ages 7+, at all levels of experience for:

-1 hour (See prices here)

-1.5 hours (See prices here)

-2 hours (See prices here)

We also offer discounts for groups of 4 or more. See links above for details and prices.

Children under the age of 7 can enjoy a supervised pony ride on our property.

While visiting Spring Creek Horse Rides, why not also pop down to Bells Beach over the Easter weekend to attend the Rip Curl Pro? Or go and enjoy a hot chocolate or icecream (or both) at the Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie and Icecreamery.

If interested in our rides, please contact us to book, so you don’t miss out on a place.

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