Spring Creek Horse Rides offers a range of all-day horse riding tours, starting in Bellbrae, 10 minutes from Torquay and taking in the best of the Great Ocean Road. Our experienced horse riding guides will lead you on an exciting adventure, taking in the local sights on horseback and including a hearty lunch to keep your energy levels high for the ride back to our property. Our horse trail rides are a little more than an hour from Melbourne so you can easily fit in a full-day ride after travelling from the city.

Our all-day horse riding tours are perfect for singles or groups, with special pricing available for corporate, group and school horse rides. If you’re short on time, try out our one, 1.5 and two-hour horse trail rides.

Pub horse rides – $150*

For the ultimate in adventure, ride 2.5 hours through the Otway National Park and along the Anglesea River into Anglesea. Enjoy lunch and a cold beverage stop at the local pub while the horse graze on green grass in the backyard, before heading back to Bellbrae near Torquay. This ride is up to 5 hours on the horse.

Chocolaterie horse riding tours – $155*

Ride 2-3 hours through the Otway National Park to the Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie, where you can enjoy a delicious lunch or morning or afternoon tea followed by hot chocolate, cake, ice-cream and more chocolate. After lunch, put your bag of goodies in the support car and get back on your horse for the trek home. This ride is up to 4 hours on the horse.

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Picnic ride – $165*

Enjoy a 2-3 hour horse riding tour through the Otway National Park before stopping for a picnic lunch in the bush provided by us, then riding another 2 hours back to Bellbrae. This ride is up to 5 hours on the horse.


(*Card payments require a walk up the hill. Please bring Cash. GST included in price)

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